Sustainable Skyway Home Improvement

Sustainable Home Tendencies You Should Try

January 14, 2022

From updating your home design to suit your needs to being more conscious about how you decorate… Sustainable design options will drive tendencies in 2022. Over the past 2 years, we’ve gone from lockdowns, remote working; and distance learning to rediscovering how important our home design is to our happiness and well-being. While some pandemic living trends may remain a constant in our lives as we move into the new year; there also are plenty of styles emerging that take cues from earth-friendly, sustainable designs. Whether you’re looking to just…


Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2022

January 3, 2022

From style to function, home design platform Houzz outlines its hot trends for this 2022 Home remodeling and design platform Houzz has released its top trend predictions for 2022. The full list, which is compiled from a community of over 65 million homeowners and more than 2.7 million design professionals, includes kitchen, bath, and outdoor design trends and also touches on aging in place, sustainability, and efficiency. See below for the 10 trends Houzz expects to take off next year. Multiple window banks Thanks to the rise of hardworking pantry…

Skyway-Home-Improvement- DIY

DIY Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

December 10, 2021

8 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY With a decent set of tools, a little bit of know-how and a healthy dose of courage, some DIY can save money and earn bragging rights by handling tough home renovation jobs themselves. Some house renovation work, however, is best left to the pros — and in some cases, the law demands it. Others are simply too dangerous or too complex for the average person to perform. As a rule of thumb, remodeling work that could potentially end with homeowners blowing up, burning,…

range hood Skyway Home Improvement

Convertible Range Hood And Its Different Types

November 29, 2021

Solved! What is a Convertible Range Hood? Keep the kitchen air clear—and your options open—with a convertible range hood. Range hoods are an essential component for every indoor kitchen, ensuring that smoke, fumes, and cooking oil don’t linger in the air after you’ve finished cooking. Their location is usually on top of a stove, to achieve better quality. When shopping for a range hood; you’ll find both ducted and ductless options as well as convertible range hoods that offer both ducted and ductless functionality. Keep reading to learn more about…

Outdoor Paint Skyway Home Improvement

Ways To Choose The Best Outdoor Paint For Your Home

November 11, 2021

How to choose the best outdoor paint for your home Anyone who’s been to a paint store knows that house paint comes in a seemingly endless variety of colors and textures. And to make matters worse, many brands market products specifically for internal use, external use or even both. All this makes settling on the right outdoor paint for your home a challenge. That said, a little research plus a few handy rules of thumb will make the process much more manageable. So whether you’d like to refresh your front…

Bathroom Renovation Mortgij

Simple Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

October 23, 2021

Bathrooms are small rooms where can result in big impact, big value, and oftentimes, big problems. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly plan your bathroom renovation ahead of time and talk to a contractor about your options, limitations, and budget. Unless you have vast experience with home renovations and plumbing; a bathroom renovation may not be the best project for the DIY homeowner to tackle but there are some tips that will help ensure success. Any home renovation can be a bit of a headache and inconvenience but the bathroom…

Metal Roof Skyway Home Improvement

Is a Metal Roof Worth It?

October 15, 2021

Homes with metal roofs tend to sell for slightly higher values, likely because of the longevity of the material and its popularity in recent years. When building a home for the first time or when re-roofing an existing home, the materials chosen for the project will have a major impact on the way a home looks, feels and costs, not only in the immediate construction costs, but in the longer-term maintenance and energy costs as well. In general, metal roofs are higher in initial construction cost (and significantly more so…

When To Repair The Roof Skyway Home Improvement

When To Repair The Roof

September 27, 2021

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It is the primary barrier between you and anything that can fall out of the sky. When taken care of, a good roof can last years. Unfortunately, your roof will eventually get damaged, and you will have to decide whether it is time to repair or replace the roof. Repairing your roof is often the go-to solution to maintaining your roof. Other times, repair won’t be enough. In this article, we’ll teach you to recognize signs of roof…

Build ing Skyway Home Improvement

Build-ing, The Solution to High Home Prices

September 17, 2021

The high cost of housing has been made worse, there are too many people chasing too few homes. Build is the answer to high prices. The more something is regulated, the less there is of it. Government edicts are directly to stopping something; the more desirable that thing becomes. And the more we restrict the supply of something that people desperately need and want, the more it costs. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the median price of a home in the United States is now $350,000 and rising….

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces Skyway Home Improvement

Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

August 10, 2021

Five things Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Spaces Do (and Yours Can, Too). These 5 timeless ideas work because they’re both fun and functional. Outdoor entertaining spaces aren’t always equal when it comes to home value (think about that house with the falling-down above-ground pool with no curb appeal at all). Homes that get them right, though, have patios and backyards that blur inside and outside spaces. And the best thing: these outdoor entertaining space ideas have been working for decades — and adapt to most any house today. Here are five…