The Basement

November 4, 2020

The Basement of your house can be a place of possibilities

Once it’s well-finished can turn into a modern basement warm, inviting, and just as beautiful as the home’s main floor. When you are thinking about the basement in your custom home, consider ensuring it is finished.

You might not be conscious, but finishing this place can be a great way to add equity. By adding practical square footage you’re adding to the value of your investment.

If you decide to sell your home, it will have a significantly higher market value with a finished basement. The sale may be easier, as well. Potential buyers may not be thrilled at the prospect of an unsightly basement.

An unfinished basement rarely holds appeal for prospective buyers. However, your pool of interested homeowners will grow significantly with a renovated this place. Not only will you increase the number of interested buyers, but also the value of your home as well.

Your three-bedroom home might seem large enough for your family but we all know that over time we end up needing more space. Instead of dealing with contractors and remodelers down the road, finish this place at the time of purchase and have space for a gym, home office, guest room, storage, or a playroom. A really good basement can be the place to cuddle up with your family and to watch a movie or play games. It also doubles as a great entertainment area.

Movies, games and musical practice of any sort can be quite distracting for those not involved. Having it located in this place means that you don’t have to worry as much about your noise levels. If used as an exercise room, the cooler temperatures will help keep you from overheating. It’s also a perfect place for large exercise equipment.

A basement can be the perfect place to put a guest room. It’s quiet and isolated so your guests will have the privacy they need. Even more advantageous, the potential to rent out this extra room becomes available. Renters will appreciate the added privacy, and it’s an easy way to get some extra income.

In this way, a basement adds value to the property. A basement room is separate enough from the other rooms to give the owners and renters privacy. If you need a little extra money, giving your basement a simple makeover can provide that for you in the long term. If you do not feel comfortable to host other persons, it can serve as extra storage.

A basement can keep all your extra furniture and items in an easily accessible, but no obstructive, space. It’s a great place to store things inside the home while also keeping them out of the main living areas.

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